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    Fitness For Duty

    Fitness for Duty (FFD) evaluations assess a person’s mental health or neurocognitive abilities relative to a specific job. For example, police and armed security officers (PA Act 120 & 235) are often required to complete FFD evaluations prior to employment. 

    Inquiry Psychological Services provides transparent flat-rate fees for FFD evaluations:

    PA ACT 120 of 235: $375.00

    Fitness for Duty for Pre-Employment: $1200.00

    Inquiry Psychological Services, LLC. also provides evaluations for consideration of reinstatement of employment. For example, some employees may become impaired in some way, or are accused of being impaired and not able to perform their job functions in a safe and/or effective manner. Due to the unique circumstances of these cases, a flat fee is not able to be applied.